Is President Obama A Bystander?

Aleppo is under siege. Assad’s forces reportedly have closed in on civilians trapped in a city where they face mass torture and execution. Apparently, Obama can stop this impending genocide yet he stands back and allows it to happen. When will the world answer the call to the people who’ve begged and pleaded for our help?


A very dark event is unfolding on the other side of the world. In the city of Aleppo, Assad’s forces are closing in on the last of the rebel controlled areas. Activists and residents alike are posting their last words to the world, one President Obama has ignored. Failure to act represents a melt down of humanity. Whats happened to human rights? What’]s happened to the responsibility to protect? The United States Of America, one which prides itself on such pillars of Democracy is allowing a genocide to take place. You would think we have learned from the past when Hitler and the Nazi’s took over Germany, but it’s quite apparent we haven’t learned quite enough. A dark shadow has now been casted over the world, one that Aleppo needs a shining light to get out of.

To the Men, Women, and Children Of Aleppo: I’m sorry we let you down. You are no longer heroes of Aleppo, but heroes of the world. 


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