The Real Threat to American Democracy: Ignoring Anti-Semitism in the 21st century


Anti-Semitism is a dark reminder of how far we haven’t progressed in society. It serves as a symbol for darkness that is much too recent for many Jews in the United States and those especially living in Israel. The Holocaust was not too long ago. Adolf Hitler’s campaign to exterminate Jews from the face of the earth was not some event from histories deep past, but rather, during World War II and still serves as facet of reality permanent branded on some Jews today. The real threat to American democracy is not denying Muslims entry into the United States, but rather, continuously ignoring the anti-Semitic upraise against Jewish college students and supporters of Pro Israel activist groups on college campuses. Those suppressed and told their free speech does not serve in the interest of the Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Student Association, are horrific reminders of what happens when we stay silent, when we stay silent, we see events unfold that took place in Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Refusing to speak up, whether on the right or on the left in this issue, makes you a bystander.

Inaction is a choice and not the fall back that can be continued to be used an excuse for the failure to act. The millions who died in the Holocaust, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Syria amongst several others are owed the due diligence of recognizing inaction of the past in order to digest the actions of the future.  Actions will always speak louder than words. Your word is your value, follow through on your commitments, defend the right choice, versus sticking with the status quo to appease others. Anti-Semitism is Jewish students across the nation lying and shamed into not telling others they are Jewish. Being critical of Israel is holding Netanyahu to his promises, calling for his death and the death of the Jews in the name of Jihad is anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is the single handed targeting of the Jewish people, for no single reason more than that they are Jewish and one holds the belief they are entitled to something they possess or need. The Hamas, promote this very leftist form of anti-Semitism that is unfortunately surfacing in the liberal teachings of Ph.D. professors and faculty members of distinguished universities. The solution is simple, reject the liberal cry. Reject this form of a “fragging” that is being pushed by Democratic leaders to prevent the mindless and uninformed from making their own decisions.

Now more than ever is the time for students who do not identify as liberal, a democrat, and who do not support Palestine, it is your turn to stand up. Being one person in disagreement leads to two, then in turn leads to a group of advocates on behalf of the issue they are taking stance on. Before you know it you have an entire movement before your eyes. The lies of the Media and the Alt-Left do not need to persist, we can take back the government g that is rightfully ours and restore American democracy and the American dream our ancestors pursued in the first place.

Often, it is exhibited by the army of leftists the alt-left democrats deploy on college campuses, who are more better off identifying as socialist, rather than smearing the name of Democrats in the name of “equality” that exemplify this new arena for a dangerous form of anti-Semitism. They advocate for Palestine on the principal of equality and that they are seeking a solution that is fair and just. Dissolving the only Jewish state in the name of Jihad is not equality, that threat is a very imminent one to the Jewish people, and one that the United States ought to respond too. The past administration showed a clear break away from previous public policy in relation to Israel. Obama has been criticized for being anti-Israel, and dare I claim, anti-Semitic. His relations with Israel’s president, Benjamin Netanyahu were crumbling at the hands of his support for Palestine, more importantly, his support for the terrorist organization, the Hamas.

Young people on college campuses need to research the issues they discuss before posting on social media or regurgitating the liberal cries for Palestine’s justice in the name of Jihad on college campuses. Public education is not the mechanism for support of a Jihadist group, nor the appropriate way of getting your message across in the first place. It is prudent that before we choose to engage in the Muslim infiltration of our democratic government that we analyze and understand, truly what we are supporting. Repeating what you hear without your own voice, is a sign of a failed republic, acceptance of propaganda, and the disappearance of what it means to have true freedom in your government. Freedom, is the central tenet to our existence. Without freedom, there is no justice. Without justice, there is no state for the agreed upon morals to guide our law-making process for the establishment of government. Morals are the principles on which our society efficiently rules itself and the people give power to elected officials, in which they, the governed, can trust their leaders. Israel most closely aligns with the United States, a stark contrast to the European socialism widespread across the continent, Israel must be supported by American foreign policy.

Failure to support the ally Israel is detrimental to the existence of themselves and the United States as a foreign power that is influential in foreign affairs. Israel and the United States must make this promise to one another, we cannot let our ally in the Middle East fend for themselves. Have we learned nothing from Hitler’s Nazism, or will we allow history to repeat itself? We have the chance to change the future of our ally and to write history. Ask yourself: Do you want to be remembered as the generation that stood up for the group that has been continuously persecuted through histories past, or the generation that stood silent and allowed Hezbollah to destroy the very principles on which our country was grounded? The choice is ours.


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