Why I regret the day I said “I’m With Her”.

The Importance of Understanding the Issues

I remember when I truly feared Donald Trump. I remember seeing the support from hate groups and thinking to myself, “Holy shit, this is the regressive movement”. I at one point, thought Hillary Clinton was the beacon of shining hope to lead the free world against all evil. Hillary Clinton is the evil. She is the epitome of the corrupt establishment.

I will not deny that her e-mails being hacked invaded her privacy. We are all entitled to our privacy. What Julian Assange did and what Snowden did were two very different things. However, I say this with seriousness, thank you Julian Assange for showing me the type of person HRC truly is. I discredited Wikileaks early on from the get go. I told myself, “they aren’t real”; “people are against her just because she’s female” (and some are – but Wikileaks exposed her corruption, not her genitals); “Hillary Cares”; my conclusion is this: Hillary is dangerous, and in my opinion, way more dangerous than anything Donald Trump has ever done in his lifetime. I voted for Hillary Clinton, but I say this in all seriousness, If I could go back in time, I would not only vote for Donald Trump, but I would PUBLICLY SUPPORT TRUMP DESPITE THOSE WHO WOULD TELL ME IM STUPID FOR DOING SO.

This past election showed me many things about my own personal beliefs and politics in America. Most would be surprised by my newly-found support for Trump, especially because I’m a gay male. I don’t find Trump a threat to the gays. Michael Pence will always be an asshole. But I can and never will support any candidate for President that disregards the law and puts her own interest above the American people she claims to love.



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