Haley’s Rising Stardom

Way to go, Nikki Haley


Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nations has proven her leadership capabilities on the international arena in her first months in her new role. Haley was clearly the choice for a international position. She has every facet of what a leader ought to embody.

Did Trump get it right?

Haley, in my opinion should of been secretary of state. She has proven her assertiveness with her diplomatic strategy. She has re-asserted the United States on the UN floor – she has made it clear that she is America first, and will not tolerate the bias against our friend and ally, Israel. Obama has been feeding into the lie of the apartheid that Muslims have created to get rid of the Jews from the face of the earth. Shame on Obama and Samantha Powers. We live in a world of rising anti-semitism, if there is one thing we have learned is that we can never let Nazi Germany happen again. Obama clearly didn’t care or respect the only Middle Eastern democracy in the Middle East, and instead, sent American tax payers dollars to fund terrorist groups, like the Hamas or interfered with the Israeli election by funding hundreds of thousands of dollars into Netanyahu’s opposition party. He even had them trained on how to run a political campaign and strategize. Lucky for Netanyahu, the illegal campaign and its finances failed, just like Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. 

One thing is certain, Haley has proven herself and this could be the rise of a strong female politician for the GOP. It’s about time, America has heard enough of Carly Fiorina (she is not a true Republican – she shipped jobs to other countries, not America first) and we have been fearful enough of Hillary Clinton, who will likely go down as the most corrupt woman to ever enter politics. Or maybe worse, the first female to run for president while also going to jail. Trump knew Haley was a key to his success, and he was certainly right.  #LockHerUp #JudicialWatch


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