Nikki Haley is everything the U.S. Envoy to the U.N. desperately needed.

Haley Asserts American strength and fight for justice.

One of the most critical arguments in opposition to Nikki Haley’s confirmation was her lack of experience to do the job at the United Nations on behalf of the U.S.  Haley, was South Carolina’s governor who completely revitalized their economy and stood up to racism, and instilled the very sentiment of equality that she believed her state symbolized.

In comparison to Samantha Power, the resume would speak for itself. Haley doesn’t have a Master of Public Policy like Power did from the Harvard JFK School of Government nor did she have a law degree from Harvard law school, she instead had so much more, the right intentions, unlike Samantha Power and her cheerleading for anti-semitism on the floor of the United Nations. I am outraged at the Obama administrations spread of Jewish hostilities and anti-Israel sentiment in the UN, but what Haley has done in her short three months on the job blows Samantha Power out of the water. She has re-asserted the United States strength to the international stage, and furthermore, has proven that the Trump administration  won’t tolerate violation of basic human rights, no matter how big and tough that countries allies may be, even if it’s Syria using Russia as its bull-dog to ward off any criticism from the international community.

Haley is truly everything the United States needed from it’s ambassador to the U.S. envoy at the U.N. She has shown us that atrocities will not continue and the United States, whether with or without the U.N., will act in response and will not hesitate to stand up for justice when justice is placed on the back-burner. Haley echoes the policy of Trump at the Untied Nations, but let’s be clear, she has been given the trust and wiggle room to use her talent to help shape American foreign policy. 

Haley has shown us that when it comes to standing up for what is right and just, that doesn’t vote blue or red, justice has no political party. Donald Trump should be extremely pleased with his pick for the United Nations ambassador, she is proving to be of crucial importance in his administration early on.

Maybe, just maybe, Haley will be the next secretary of state. What we have seen however, is that she was needed by the United States and Israel most in a difficult time at the U.N, and has saved the foundations of equality that we echo to the international community.


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