CAIR and SDUSD: What You Need to Know.

How DC Power Broker, CAIR, influenced San Diego Unified School District’s education establishment

CAIR, a group who stated themselves that their purpose is that the organization actively “engages in public advocacy to promote a greater understanding of Islam among the American public and policymakers.” A DC power broker and Islamic religious organization has been lobbying the Board Members of our school district and many other public education systems to teach Islam in public schools. This is a fundamental violation of the separation of Church and state as listed in the United States Constitution. I find the intolerant left ideology truly at its height in this example I am discussing: Literally, students; teachers; parents; and communities stood vigorously opposing Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos because they claimed she was too religious to lead the public education system. Some feared, she would be biased towards LGBT students and other minority groups, yet we allow a DC religious organization to teach tolerance about religion from a Islamist perspective. We tell Christians they cannot pray in public schools. What. The. Fuck. Pardon my french, but this one hits a nerve because its local politics. And by the way, our public school decisions like this one shouldn’t be political, but SDUSD Board Members made it that way by allowing the Muslim Brotherhood into the school district. Instead of the radical left making out Devos to be a villain, I instead see a woman of integrity who happens to be religious, but correctly leaves her views at home in order to do the job. I wish I could say the same for intolerant leftist leading the SDUSD school district. It is unfair and it is wrong to allow one group to infiltrate our public schools, teach their religion, then allow other kids to sit during our Pledge of Allegiance, citing freedom of religion for their choice. Yet compulsory studies of Islam will now be the law of the land in San Diego Unified School District. THIS IS NOT WHAT AMERICA STANDS FOR.  Leave your politics out of the classroom, bedroom, and boardroom. #smallgovt

Article on topic of discussion, can be found here.


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