The Intolerant Left

The far left have become what most would equate to dangerous thugs and idiotic violent specs of dirt, to say the least. I mean, come on, setting Berkeley on fire? The violence doesn’t end there. For a platform that has a large base on feminism ideals and leaders, I find it absolutely terrible a female supporter of Milo Yiannopolos, was pepper sprayed.  The leftists watching it laughed and thought it was funny. As Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high”, but apparently, not all in her following think that way. Violence against women on the right, is apparently, justified on the basis of intolerance and communist values. For a group people who are nothing more than poor excuses as human beings to claim Trump is a fascist or a Nazi, they pepper-spray women. Antifa is nothing more than a group of thugs who have nothing better to do, than fight “fascism” in the name of violence against women. These individuals are a despicable group of human beings. If supporting Trump makes me a deplorable, than these Antifa followers are just a bunch of uneducated idiots who likely have a low IQ, tends to be the recurring theme of the far left. Only a true idiot thinks social programs, like free college or illegal immigration is justifiable because they often forget, money doesn’t grow on trees and someone eventually pays for it. It baffles me that many leftist ideals and values often forget something extremely important behind social public policy: economic policy-making. But hey, you try explaining that to the “low IQ” alt left. I am not speaking of all leftists, just the idiots who resort to violence and lack logical arguments for any of their beliefs.

I’m sick of the attack on free speech Antifa is. Make no mistake, the left are attacking free speech. The pendulum is swinging extremely far left to the point where if these idiots win an office like the presidency, we are fucked. (Ahem, Elizabeth Warren) Pardon my french, but I’m literally at my wits end watching people being attacked for being conservatives or apart of the #NewRight movement. Instead, lets have open debate. Let’s talk about our differences.

The answer is never violence, especially against women. #GoHomeCommies


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