No Secretary Clinton, a third time’s charm doesn’t apply to you.

Hillary Clinton has rumors buzzing around DC that she might actually be considering a run for the White House again in 2020. When will the Clintons learn that America is done with them? Make no mistake, Hillary will not win public office, ever again. Democrats need to stop sympathizing with Hillary. She did not win because she wasn’t the best candidate. She largely forgot about middle America and did not try as hard as she should of. It’s my honest opinion that she assumed she had won a few days before election day. Shame on her, because she is the reason we have Donald Trump.


I want to clarify, I did not mean that negatively. Donald Trump’s victory has largely shown my for what the Democratic party is turning into: Hypocrisy. I am no longer a Democrat (explained here), but the Democratic party needs to band together to stop this woman from encroaching onto the political scene again. She has proven, or Wikileaks has exposed rather, the terrible human being she truly is.

Either way, I think we will see a second term of Donald Trump, unless the Democrats actually produce a candidate with common sense in terms of economic policymaking.



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