Gay Pride 2017: Liberals and Exclusion

Americans have learned one important lesson from this past election: politics are personal. The division between red and blue America is growing deeper. As Democrats and Republicans in Congress become further divided on important issues such healthcare, the hostility is extending beyond Washington D.C. and into communities in our own backyards. One community in particular is seeing exclusion and division amongst the political left and right: the LGBTQ community. Pride month is in full swing, however, one group in particular will be excluded in the LGBTQ community from festivities this year: conservatives. LGBTQ Republicans find themselves in a particularly awkward situation. As Pride events begin around the world, cities in the U.S. are witnessing events that are supposed to promote acceptance and tolerance of one another, as hate filled weekends deposing our current administration. Make no mistake, you have the right to protest and speak out against the federal government. However, making those in the LGBTQ community feel unwelcome because of their political party affiliation and excluding them for supporting politicians with a (R) after their name, only makes you a hypocrite. I believe gay liberals have forgotten why it is pride even exist. It’s quite apparent that the Left is defining a new version of the LGBTQ community, and you can only be a part of that community if you are a Democrat or socialist Bernie Sanders supporter.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 3.21.08 AM.png

 The gay rights movement ended when Los Angeles Pride became political, and has arguably become an extension of the Democratic National Convention (kidding). The resist march in Pride L.A. shows how if you are a conservative in the gay community, you are clearly not welcome. This year, you’re only welcome at Pride if you are a Democrat and on this past election day, you exclaimed, “I’m with her”. How disappointing that this is what the left has done, making a weekend about acceptance into a political statement, opening one closet, only to make another for LGBTQ conservatives. The left needs to take a look in a look in the mirror and ask themselves, who really is the party of exclusion? However, it’s hard to be upset, the silly liberals love big government and think it’s the answer to every problem they encounter.

The Intolerant Left

The far left have become what most would equate to dangerous thugs and idiotic violent specs of dirt, to say the least. I mean, come on, setting Berkeley on fire? The violence doesn’t end there. For a platform that has a large base on feminism ideals and leaders, I find it absolutely terrible a female supporter of Milo Yiannopolos, was pepper sprayed.  The leftists watching it laughed and thought it was funny. As Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high”, but apparently, not all in her following think that way. Violence against women on the right, is apparently, justified on the basis of intolerance and communist values. For a group people who are nothing more than poor excuses as human beings to claim Trump is a fascist or a Nazi, they pepper-spray women. Antifa is nothing more than a group of thugs who have nothing better to do, than fight “fascism” in the name of violence against women. These individuals are a despicable group of human beings. If supporting Trump makes me a deplorable, than these Antifa followers are just a bunch of uneducated idiots who likely have a low IQ, tends to be the recurring theme of the far left. Only a true idiot thinks social programs, like free college or illegal immigration is justifiable because they often forget, money doesn’t grow on trees and someone eventually pays for it. It baffles me that many leftist ideals and values often forget something extremely important behind social public policy: economic policy-making. But hey, you try explaining that to the “low IQ” alt left. I am not speaking of all leftists, just the idiots who resort to violence and lack logical arguments for any of their beliefs.

I’m sick of the attack on free speech Antifa is. Make no mistake, the left are attacking free speech. The pendulum is swinging extremely far left to the point where if these idiots win an office like the presidency, we are fucked. (Ahem, Elizabeth Warren) Pardon my french, but I’m literally at my wits end watching people being attacked for being conservatives or apart of the #NewRight movement. Instead, lets have open debate. Let’s talk about our differences.

The answer is never violence, especially against women. #GoHomeCommies

Democrat to Deplorable

My Journey To The GOP

I’ve been getting many of my friends asking me why I am now all of a sudden “right winged” in my political views. I find this question to be a little funny, considering the majority of the concerns are lack of understanding of why and how a gay male, future law student at Columbia, could possibly support Donald Trump. I want to make it clear, I do not full on support Donald Trump. I am critical of President Trump, just as everyone should be. We must hold our elected officials accountable and to the highest standard of review. I do just that. I am critical. I went from #DemocratToDeplorable after the election because I soon learned that I do not align with the leftist agenda or the Democratic party views on many key points.


  • I think illegal immigration is an issue that should be addressed fairly and appropriately.
  • I think Obamacare was a failure, it should be fixed. Socialism/Collectivism isn’t the solution.
  • I find it embarrassing that we put undocumented citizens over the care of homeless veterans on the streets.
  • I think some of the environmental regulations/laws are simply ridiculous, and a review of these laws need to be made.
  • Most of all, I believe America should be first, always.

All In all, my views have changed because I’ve learned the economics behind many of the Democratic party’s programs and agenda, and simply do not agree with them. I am apart of the #NewRight and if being a constitutionalist makes me a Republican, than so be it. But I will always put the country I am from and proud to be a citizen of, first and foremost.

I’ll cut the BS, I’m a Republican. I support Trump. #America

The Silencing of Free Speech #ConstitutionalCrisis

Hate Speech: Law of the land?

Our schools are brain-washing our children and educating them incorrectly on the United States Constitution. Thanks to the left-biased common core loving liberals, hate speech, is now a term in public schools. What it really is in disguise is a chilling way to silence our freedom of speech as protected by the United States Constitution. Are we in a crisis?

Yes. The freedom of speech is central to our existence as Americans, like the ACLU parades around stating, when they train their social justice warriors at #ResistTrump movement, “dissent is patriotic”. Ask Milo Yiannopoulos, whom had Berkeley lose their mind over his speech he intended on giving there. The violence, hypocrisy, and unconstitutional strategizing of the “alt left” is startling and really demoralizing. The IQ must be low for the “alt left”, since resorting to violence seems to  be the answer.

Fighting the intolerance.

The best thing to do at this point is know your rights. Shockingly, even the ACLU, whom leans as far left as it comes, has called out the unconstitutional silencing of our freedom of speech. As they stated, they “believe that all campuses should adhere to First Amendment principles because academic freedom is a bedrock of education in a free society.” The ACLU got it right this time, it truly is. Without free speech, colleges and universities can use it to suppress dissent. They can use it to silence your freedom you are guaranteed as Americans. Nothing, is more frightening than that. Imagine how the nation would become, and some would argue it already has, stooped to this level of violating the law.


Silencing the freedom of speech is nothing short but an attack on American values. Keep your guns. Keep your private property. Keep your freedom of speech.

Our most profound moments in history wouldn’t of happened without the freedom of speech, imagine if Dr. King was silenced on his famous “I have a dream” speech. That is not the America we want, that’s what Hillary’s America might of wanted, but we need to stand strong when it comes to our Constitution and especially our bill of rights.


CAIR and SDUSD: What You Need to Know.

How DC Power Broker, CAIR, influenced San Diego Unified School District’s education establishment

CAIR, a group who stated themselves that their purpose is that the organization actively “engages in public advocacy to promote a greater understanding of Islam among the American public and policymakers.” A DC power broker and Islamic religious organization has been lobbying the Board Members of our school district and many other public education systems to teach Islam in public schools. This is a fundamental violation of the separation of Church and state as listed in the United States Constitution. I find the intolerant left ideology truly at its height in this example I am discussing: Literally, students; teachers; parents; and communities stood vigorously opposing Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos because they claimed she was too religious to lead the public education system. Some feared, she would be biased towards LGBT students and other minority groups, yet we allow a DC religious organization to teach tolerance about religion from a Islamist perspective. We tell Christians they cannot pray in public schools. What. The. Fuck. Pardon my french, but this one hits a nerve because its local politics. And by the way, our public school decisions like this one shouldn’t be political, but SDUSD Board Members made it that way by allowing the Muslim Brotherhood into the school district. Instead of the radical left making out Devos to be a villain, I instead see a woman of integrity who happens to be religious, but correctly leaves her views at home in order to do the job. I wish I could say the same for intolerant leftist leading the SDUSD school district. It is unfair and it is wrong to allow one group to infiltrate our public schools, teach their religion, then allow other kids to sit during our Pledge of Allegiance, citing freedom of religion for their choice. Yet compulsory studies of Islam will now be the law of the land in San Diego Unified School District. THIS IS NOT WHAT AMERICA STANDS FOR.  Leave your politics out of the classroom, bedroom, and boardroom. #smallgovt

Article on topic of discussion, can be found here.

Nikki Haley is everything the U.S. Envoy to the U.N. desperately needed.

Haley Asserts American strength and fight for justice.

One of the most critical arguments in opposition to Nikki Haley’s confirmation was her lack of experience to do the job at the United Nations on behalf of the U.S.  Haley, was South Carolina’s governor who completely revitalized their economy and stood up to racism, and instilled the very sentiment of equality that she believed her state symbolized.

In comparison to Samantha Power, the resume would speak for itself. Haley doesn’t have a Master of Public Policy like Power did from the Harvard JFK School of Government nor did she have a law degree from Harvard law school, she instead had so much more, the right intentions, unlike Samantha Power and her cheerleading for anti-semitism on the floor of the United Nations. I am outraged at the Obama administrations spread of Jewish hostilities and anti-Israel sentiment in the UN, but what Haley has done in her short three months on the job blows Samantha Power out of the water. She has re-asserted the United States strength to the international stage, and furthermore, has proven that the Trump administration  won’t tolerate violation of basic human rights, no matter how big and tough that countries allies may be, even if it’s Syria using Russia as its bull-dog to ward off any criticism from the international community.

Haley is truly everything the United States needed from it’s ambassador to the U.S. envoy at the U.N. She has shown us that atrocities will not continue and the United States, whether with or without the U.N., will act in response and will not hesitate to stand up for justice when justice is placed on the back-burner. Haley echoes the policy of Trump at the Untied Nations, but let’s be clear, she has been given the trust and wiggle room to use her talent to help shape American foreign policy. 

Haley has shown us that when it comes to standing up for what is right and just, that doesn’t vote blue or red, justice has no political party. Donald Trump should be extremely pleased with his pick for the United Nations ambassador, she is proving to be of crucial importance in his administration early on.

Maybe, just maybe, Haley will be the next secretary of state. What we have seen however, is that she was needed by the United States and Israel most in a difficult time at the U.N, and has saved the foundations of equality that we echo to the international community.