Gay Pride 2017: Liberals and Exclusion

Americans have learned one important lesson from this past election: politics are personal. The division between red and blue America is growing deeper. As Democrats and Republicans in Congress become further divided on important issues such healthcare, the hostility is extending beyond Washington D.C. and into communities in our own backyards. One community in particular is seeing exclusion and division amongst the political left and right: the LGBTQ community. Pride month is in full swing, however, one group in particular will be excluded in the LGBTQ community from festivities this year: conservatives. LGBTQ Republicans find themselves in a particularly awkward situation. As Pride events begin around the world, cities in the U.S. are witnessing events that are supposed to promote acceptance and tolerance of one another, as hate filled weekends deposing our current administration. Make no mistake, you have the right to protest and speak out against the federal government. However, making those in the LGBTQ community feel unwelcome because of their political party affiliation and excluding them for supporting politicians with a (R) after their name, only makes you a hypocrite. I believe gay liberals have forgotten why it is pride even exist. It’s quite apparent that the Left is defining a new version of the LGBTQ community, and you can only be a part of that community if you are a Democrat or socialist Bernie Sanders supporter.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 3.21.08 AM.png

 The gay rights movement ended when Los Angeles Pride became political, and has arguably become an extension of the Democratic National Convention (kidding). The resist march in Pride L.A. shows how if you are a conservative in the gay community, you are clearly not welcome. This year, you’re only welcome at Pride if you are a Democrat and on this past election day, you exclaimed, “I’m with her”. How disappointing that this is what the left has done, making a weekend about acceptance into a political statement, opening one closet, only to make another for LGBTQ conservatives. The left needs to take a look in a look in the mirror and ask themselves, who really is the party of exclusion? However, it’s hard to be upset, the silly liberals love big government and think it’s the answer to every problem they encounter.

Overcoming Depression

This blog entry is going to be a little different from the rest, I won’t be hating on Hillary Clinton or ragging on Obama’s failed foreign policy. Instead, I want to write about the experience I endured when I had depression and how I dealt with it. When I turned 21, I moved out of my Mom’s house and into San Diego gay district, Hillcrest, a cute neighborhood up the road from Downtown San Diego. Needless to say, I did what most gay boy’s do when they find their inner freedom and can finally be themselves: I fucking raged.

I spent nearly two years partying, drinking, and doing things I really shouldn’t of been doing. I don’t regret my actions of the past, because I truly do believe that every event that occurs and person we meet has a specific purpose. Every interaction and feeling we emit to others happened for a reason. I regret nothing because I do not think I would be the person I am today if it wasn’t for these experiences in the first place. I was depressed, yet I appeared to be so happy and truly “myself”. Inside, I was dying. I was starting to not care. I didn’t want to be here anymore. I stopped caring about my own well-being. I hit rock bottom. 

Hitting rock bottom was one of the hardest times of my life because I truly didn’t know if I had the strength in myself to pick up where I left off and get my life together. I was still partying, drinking, not being myself, and I was sick of it. However, I still did it. I still pretended to be happy and the more I faked it, the harder it got to get out of bed every morning. In those moments of darkness, I found God. I had stopped believing in God because of my sexuality. I let that break my relationship up with God and my savior, Jesus Christ. I found God, and he helped me find my true friends in a sea of uncertainty, and led me back to my family where it brought me to where I am today. See, when you let the light back into your field of darkness, good things happen. Good things always happen when you let them happen, when you let God guide you on your path.  I look back at this time in my life and think, “damn, how did I get through that?”

I have no regrets for what I’ve endured. it’s truly made me a more resilient and stronger individual. It’s forced me to stop acting like a boy, and to starting acting more like a man. I went from not seeing a future and past the current semester I was in of college, and I transitioned into a motivated pre-law student who wants nothing more than to become a lawyer and help others. I want to practice the law because I want to help others when they might need it the most. I want to make positive changes in society, and even if I can’t see those changes right away, at least I know it will affect someone in a good way down the line. Every action and effort matters, every action or inaction we choose can and will have a effect at one point or another. We cannot stand down, when we must stand up.

These experienced have led me to where I am now currently. I am graduating from college this week, my last final is on Saturday May 6th. I will have my BA in political science with a minor in accounting and psychology. I will be attending Columbia Law school to pursue my Juris Doctor. I will do good things because I am allowing God to guide me on my path to do these good things. I trust him, and I am no longer scared or uncertain of my future. I went from being at the point of wanting to end my life, to being accepted to Harvard Law school. That statement I just typed out is something I never thought I would ever be able to say. Although I’m not going to Harvard since Columbia gave me a way better financial aid package, I went from hopeless, to being an ivyleague-er. I made it through the worst, and now I can only go up.

Be strong. And most of all, be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. 

No Secretary Clinton, a third time’s charm doesn’t apply to you.

Hillary Clinton has rumors buzzing around DC that she might actually be considering a run for the White House again in 2020. When will the Clintons learn that America is done with them? Make no mistake, Hillary will not win public office, ever again. Democrats need to stop sympathizing with Hillary. She did not win because she wasn’t the best candidate. She largely forgot about middle America and did not try as hard as she should of. It’s my honest opinion that she assumed she had won a few days before election day. Shame on her, because she is the reason we have Donald Trump.


I want to clarify, I did not mean that negatively. Donald Trump’s victory has largely shown my for what the Democratic party is turning into: Hypocrisy. I am no longer a Democrat (explained here), but the Democratic party needs to band together to stop this woman from encroaching onto the political scene again. She has proven, or Wikileaks has exposed rather, the terrible human being she truly is.

Either way, I think we will see a second term of Donald Trump, unless the Democrats actually produce a candidate with common sense in terms of economic policymaking.


Democrat to Deplorable

My Journey To The GOP

I’ve been getting many of my friends asking me why I am now all of a sudden “right winged” in my political views. I find this question to be a little funny, considering the majority of the concerns are lack of understanding of why and how a gay male, future law student at Columbia, could possibly support Donald Trump. I want to make it clear, I do not full on support Donald Trump. I am critical of President Trump, just as everyone should be. We must hold our elected officials accountable and to the highest standard of review. I do just that. I am critical. I went from #DemocratToDeplorable after the election because I soon learned that I do not align with the leftist agenda or the Democratic party views on many key points.


  • I think illegal immigration is an issue that should be addressed fairly and appropriately.
  • I think Obamacare was a failure, it should be fixed. Socialism/Collectivism isn’t the solution.
  • I find it embarrassing that we put undocumented citizens over the care of homeless veterans on the streets.
  • I think some of the environmental regulations/laws are simply ridiculous, and a review of these laws need to be made.
  • Most of all, I believe America should be first, always.

All In all, my views have changed because I’ve learned the economics behind many of the Democratic party’s programs and agenda, and simply do not agree with them. I am apart of the #NewRight and if being a constitutionalist makes me a Republican, than so be it. But I will always put the country I am from and proud to be a citizen of, first and foremost.

I’ll cut the BS, I’m a Republican. I support Trump. #America

The Silencing of Free Speech #ConstitutionalCrisis

Hate Speech: Law of the land?

Our schools are brain-washing our children and educating them incorrectly on the United States Constitution. Thanks to the left-biased common core loving liberals, hate speech, is now a term in public schools. What it really is in disguise is a chilling way to silence our freedom of speech as protected by the United States Constitution. Are we in a crisis?

Yes. The freedom of speech is central to our existence as Americans, like the ACLU parades around stating, when they train their social justice warriors at #ResistTrump movement, “dissent is patriotic”. Ask Milo Yiannopoulos, whom had Berkeley lose their mind over his speech he intended on giving there. The violence, hypocrisy, and unconstitutional strategizing of the “alt left” is startling and really demoralizing. The IQ must be low for the “alt left”, since resorting to violence seems to  be the answer.

Fighting the intolerance.

The best thing to do at this point is know your rights. Shockingly, even the ACLU, whom leans as far left as it comes, has called out the unconstitutional silencing of our freedom of speech. As they stated, they “believe that all campuses should adhere to First Amendment principles because academic freedom is a bedrock of education in a free society.” The ACLU got it right this time, it truly is. Without free speech, colleges and universities can use it to suppress dissent. They can use it to silence your freedom you are guaranteed as Americans. Nothing, is more frightening than that. Imagine how the nation would become, and some would argue it already has, stooped to this level of violating the law.


Silencing the freedom of speech is nothing short but an attack on American values. Keep your guns. Keep your private property. Keep your freedom of speech.

Our most profound moments in history wouldn’t of happened without the freedom of speech, imagine if Dr. King was silenced on his famous “I have a dream” speech. That is not the America we want, that’s what Hillary’s America might of wanted, but we need to stand strong when it comes to our Constitution and especially our bill of rights.